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Online tutor in USA

An online tutor helps students of all ages learn useful skills.

A live instruction platform that has successfully won awards.
Online teachers and instructors offer incredible live lessons.
As a part of our deliberate process, we vet a selection of online tutors and training professionals before authorizing them to function on our site. Our mission is to make certain that the impeccable instruction on our site is only carried out by noteworthy tutors.
The skillful online tutors at 24/7Tutors work alongside you to provide the best expertise possible for your distinct prerequisites. We have more than twelve thousand tutors nationwide that you can select from.

Meet the Talented Tutors & Teachers.

Why should you consider studybitests?
1: Improve grades so as to raise one’s GPA.
By taking part in online live, one-on-one tutoring from Growing Stars since the start of 2004, ourinternational students have gained more confidence and improve study skills.
2. There’s an experienced teacher throughout each lesson.There are several tutors who offer instant tutoring, whereas others work at a pace that depends upon the student. Be careful of those who advertise instant tutoring only; however, our tutors take the time to ready themselves that you might take advantage of their services. Our online tutors are available to address any inquiries, whether via text or via live interaction. This is why our tutors might spend an hour tutoring an online student.

3. Highly-trained teachers are among the ranks of educators.
Many of our online teachers have earned Masters Degrees in their fields, and many have Ph.D.s. Some ofour instructors have a Bachelor’s degree at minimum. We continuously train our tutors to ensure that they meet a certain standard before they are considered by us.
4. Same Textbook
We follow the same curriculum textbooks as the school. This helps our tutor to observe the student’s needs, and to coordinate online tutoring sessions accordingly.
5. We can help you find a teacher to manage any tutoring you need.
Each child needs a teacher who manages tutoring to suit his or her needs, and maintains communication with their parents. This teacher also supervises the child s Education Manager. Above all else, studybitests has a dedicated Quality Control team, consisting of Senior Education Directors, who safeguard the quality of our educational services with our teachers by intervening in disputes to deal with academic issues and give directives, making sure we offer the best possible online tutoring.
6. It is highly convenient.
Your child can improve her academic performance by merely joining the atmosphere of your home instead of going to a tutoring service.
Gain knowledge about Risk  When mentoring online, here’s how it works.
When you begin with Studybitests, our Education Manager will contact you to develop a targeted tutoring approach for your child.Your child’s abilities and the curriculum they’ll be following can help you make the vital decisions regarding your tutoring, as you’ll be able to set up a tutor and schedule that matches their needs.
Your child can utilize our digital whiteboard. Once a live voice call begins, your child can start towelcome their new students.

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