Career Counselling

Career Counselling

Career -what you want to do with your life- is the most important decision of your life which should be well-planned as well as well-thought. According to the statistics only 20% of the people are happy with their workplace, which means the rest of 80% of people spend their entire life unhappy by pursing a job that they hate.

When it comes to Pakistan the job un satisfaction percentage goes beyond 95%. Our experienced online and home counselors not only help you find your purpose, they also help you identify the right steps you need to take to pursue your passion.

Are you already pursuing a job and think its too late? 

You can never be more wrong. Our home and online councellers are can still help you find your purpose, and create an opportunity suited to your particular case. Be the part of the 5% of people who have a purpose.

Are you a student undeceive of your career choice? 

If you’re still in your high school then its the most precious time of your life to find your purpose. Don’t waste your time pursuing the wrong degree.

Worried that parents won’t agree?

Our specialized team of home and online counselors have the ability to convince your parents to let you pursue the career of your choice.  Just choose your passion and let us worry about the rest.